Trains in Japan

Typical Commute Trains in Tokyo

These are the typical JR (Japan Railways) commute trains in
Tokyo. Most Tokyo commute lines are designed so that there are
two pairs of tracks, one pair for local and the other pair for
express trains. The yellow one is the Sobu Line and the red one
(which is going away) is the Chuo Line.

Subway Running on Surface

To make trains more convenient, many surface and subway trains
in Tokyo are integrated, so they share the same tracks. Tozai
Line subway pictured here is running on the same track as the
Sobu Line commute train pictured above.

Typical Subway in Tokyo

Tokyo has an extensive subway network which rivals Paris
and London in terms of number of lines and number of stops.
The Hibiya Line shares tracks with two different railroad
companies, and consequently, is heavily used by Tokyo
commuters. This subway is departing the Akihabara Station.
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